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Stylus Sound is a family owned business that has grown steadily since our inception in 2005. Our primary business is designing and installing customized audio-visual systems.

We specialize in premium home theater installations, from design of the room through construction, equipment installation and final calibration of these exquisite theaters.

We also design and install multi-zone music systems, including outdoor weatherproof speakers and underwater speakers, which allow our clients to enjoy their music all over their houses, gardens, and swimming pools.

Stylus Sound employs only highly qualified audio-visual engineers, IT engineers, electricians, craftsmen and laborers for our installations. We guarantee the quality of our work, and of the equipment we install.

Behind STYLUS, is company president Charles Ramsden who designs and manages the installation of all our systems. Mr. Ramsden is a certified THX professional, who has been trained in California, and certified, by George Lucas’s legendary theater sound company THX. Mr. Ramsden also brings a strong knowledge of Thailand specific construction and acoustic techniques, as well as over 10 years experience of custom installation work in Thailand, to the systems we design.

For us, system design is about listening to our clients’ needs, and then creating systems that exceed their expectations. We meet each and every potential client with the same level of commitment, because it is our satisfied customers, and word-of-mouth referrals, that help us to grow and thrive.

Stylus Sound has offices located in Bangkok and Hua Hin. Our main office and showroom is located in Hua Hin on Petchkasem road.

In a word, we are a premier provider of high-end turn-key home cinema and entertainment systems. And we are a family-owned business operating right here in Hua Hin, Thailand. We aim to be the best, in our community and in our region.