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World’s Toughest Loudspeakers - TECHNOMAD


Stylus Sound is proud to cary Technomad Weatherproof loudspeakers.  Technomad is a small, highly-specialized manufacturer based in Massachusetts. For 10 years they have served the most demanding clients in the world by making THE MOST RELIABLE, HIGH FIDELITY, WEATHERPROOF loudspeakers and PA systems in the world.


Thailand is an extreme environment for almost everything, and so much more so when it comes to outdoor speakers.  The high humidity, intense heat and UV light are very destructive to most outdoor speakers.  The heat causes most speakers to expand and crack their protective coatings, UV light causes them to fade and become brittle, and the high humidity create rust and corrosion on any metal parts like grills and speaker binding terminals.

Technomad solves these problems by taking an entirely different approach to speaker manufacturing than most of their competitors.  Many people wonder why Technomad loudspeakers are so weatherproof (IP56) – and what differentiates the weatherproofing of “The Toughest Loudspeakers in the World” from ordinary outdoor loudspeakers.

Here are some of the key elements:

Start with a thick, rotationally-molded cabinet that has outstanding acoustic properties and is virtually indestructible. Technomad cabinet walls are 3 to 4 TIMES thicker than ordinary injection molded loudspeaker cabinet walls. 


Next look at the components. Technomad drivers are weatherized at the component level – for example, our bass drivers use polypropylene cones with pure rubber surrounds, resulting in a driver with outstanding acoustic properties and incredible resistance to moisture and humidity. 


Of course, the most important element of the unique Technomad weatherproofing approach… is the sound.  Other manufacturers kludge a crude stainless steel grill onto a standard non-weatherproof loudspeaker, give it an epoxy or catalyzed paint job and call the result “weather-resistant”.  In contrast, every Technomad loudspeaker is designed to be a weatherproof product . This means that they engineer the drivers, grill system, crossover, and cabinet as a complete, complementary whole. The result?  No-compromise audio quality, IP56 compliant environmental toughness, and military-grade reliability.  The best of both worlds, available exclusively from Technomad.


Many Technomad customers come to us as a last resort – then choose us first for their next application.


For more information on Technomad please visit -


Also Technomad announces multi-language site translation - Technomad in Thai -

See the full range of TECHNOMAD's carried by STYLUS by clicking here.  


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