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Big Buddha Theatre
The theater in the basement of this luxurious villa was actually designed by Martin H. Sabag from And while Martin did an amazing job designing the layout of the room and specifying the equipment, the local electricians were not quite up to the task of installing and tuning it all.

Stylus was brough...t in to install the system which meant first re-wiring the theater room and adding a few bits and pieces to make the system whole. This included adding and programming this touch screen remote control system by NEVO. The final product was this amazing theater you see here.

B&W in-wall speakers
Dual B&W Subs
Epson TW 4000 Projector
DaLite Hi-Gain Screen
ONKYO Amp - Receiver
DUNE Blu-Ray
Net-gear movie server
Pioneer DVD
NEVO Remote control system
Futronix lighting control