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Bang Suray - Yachtmast
About a year ago we completed a theater that I dubbed the “surf shack” due to it’s unique design, proximity to the beach, and the owners affinity for surfing. Well if that was the “surf shack” then our latest project should be called the “Yacht master”. The house does not have a nautical theme or anything so, but the owner is an accomplished sailor, and many a regatta trophy line the walls and bookshelves.

The main house rests in the hills overlooking the Jomtien Yacht Marina, and it has been built with an eye for perfection. It is immaculately decorated, tiled, furnished, and painted.

The surrounding property, which is extensive, includes: tropical gardens, palm tree groves, swimming pool, detached gym structure and professional grade tennis court.

Stylus Sound was privileged to be involved in the sound and entertainment installation in the main living room. Much like life on a yacht everything in the home is refined yet compacted. This property did not call for a dedicated room for premium home theater or seven independent zones of audio, but the system that it did include was astounding.

The living room hosts a 5.1 surround system featuring POLK Audio speakers and Marantz amplifier. Pair of Polk RTi A7 ‘s sit on either side of the large AV cabinet in the living room, with a Polk CSi A6 in the center. Polk LC80i rear speakers are set in the eve of the ceiling, because the rear of the theater area is open to the balcony and the sea below.

For source and amplification we specified a Marantz SR6003 seven channel amplifier with all the latest HD codec’s and connectors and a Marantz Blu-Ray player for video playback.

For two channel audio playback we added a Cambridge Audio AZUR 650C CD Transport with Cambridge Audio’s ultra high quality Digital-to-Analogue-Converters (DAC’s).

Let me be honest – I did less “tweaking” of the this system, than in any other system we have ever installed. And why? Simple – it just didn’t need it.

We got very lucky with the acoustics in this room. Again, being honest, I expected a much more hollow, reflected, and cold sound in this room due to the hard tiled floor. But the vaulted timber ceilings and uneven surfaces really let the sound expand fully and warmly. Even out on the balcony and in the kitchen area the sound of the Polk’s just fills the entire space beautifully.

I should mention the lighting as well. Kunini, our partner company in Ko Samui, installed a Futronix lighting control system for the main house. Pre-set lighting scenes can be recalled from the switches throughout the house (and soon from a remote).

Kunini also installed a lighting control system throughout the expansive gardens. A timer starts up the garden lights around sunset and then switches in the carports, main houses, and in the garden, can recall several lighting scenes that light up the garden footpaths and palm tree groves.

Final verdict on this system, I was very impressed with the Polk Audio speakers. The sound was warm, and full, and clear. I hope the owner gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did putting it together for him.
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